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Accessible Restroom Signage Training Board in English Braille. Learn to read the most common accessible restroom identifiers with this great learning aid. It features the restroom signage identifiers in the actual format found on restroom signs in the public realm. Made of durable weather resistant indoor/outdoor 1/8″ thick acrylic. Text and Grade II Braille are raised 1/32″. This board is intended to teach students how to read actual restroom signage. It is manufactured to the same standards required of compliant everyday ADA signage, so the student gains hands-on experience with real world applications.

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Start learning to read the most common English Restroom Signs that are wheelchair accessible with this Braille Training Board. The board is conveniently sized at 9″x 12″ for practice and storage. Each of the six accessible identifiers are located in a 3″ x 6″ field sized the same as actual signs in use. It features the most common accessible restroom identifiers in raised tactile letters with the Braille directly below each tactile identifying word. Accessibility is usually not identified in the tactile text because it is identified with the International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA) in the pictogram above. This board gives the student training in reading these important signage applications as they appear in the public realm. The student learns to read the Braille as well as the tactile feel of the text words.

The upper right corner of the board is rounded so the student can easily orient the board to its proper position. Because the Braille and tactile letters are manufactured to be compliant with Federal ADA and CA Title 24 standards, the student gains experience with reading actual manufactured ADA signage information.

This training board is manufactured with the same durable acrylic we use to manufacture our ADA compliant signage found in a public setting.

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