Exit 6″x 9″ with white border



Custom Industrial Grade signage! Exit 6″x 9″ premium black 1/8″ thick acrylic sign with 1/32″ raised lettering and Grade II Braille. Federal ADA and CA Title 24 compliant.

Name Range Discount
Quantity Discount 5 - 9 5 %
Quantity Discount 10 - 19 10 %
Quantity Discount 20 - 49 15 %
Quantity Discount 50 - 100 20 %



Custom industrial grade compliance signage that includes a 1/8″ designer frame.

Exit ADA 6″x 9″ sign compliant with Federal ADA and CA Title 24. Sign base is premium black 1/8″ thick acrylic with square corners, framed with a white border, tactile text, pictograms and Braille. Tactile pictogram/text and Grade II Braille is raised 1/32″ high. This wayfinding sign is used to identify ways to exit the facility.

Attached with double sided tape.

Quantity discounts apply to the total of the item quantities of all standard signs of a single order. A sign set consisting of more than one sign is considered one item when calculating quantity discounts.


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