All Gender Accessible Restroom Sign


Weather resistant indoor/outdoor Basic Women 6″x 9″ restroom sign on 1/8″ acrylic. Manufactured by us using our premium 1/8″ AcryliantTM non-glare acrylic at prices competitive with signs by others made with thin 1/16″ thick acrylic. Text and Grade II Braille are raised 1/32″. Federal ADA and CA Title 24 compliant.



All Gender wheelchair accessible restroom sign. The sign is fully compliant with tactile pictograms/text and Grade II Braille. These signs are used on the wall next to the respective all gender restroom door.

Through manufacturing volume and the use of our premium 1/8″ thick AcryliantTM non-glare acrylic, we are able to offer this sign on 1/8″ thick acrylic with rounded corners at prices competitive with similar signs made on thin 1/16″ thick material.

AcryliantTM is an acrylic sheet material specially made to meet ADA signage requirements including color and non-glare.

Compliant with Federal ADA and CA Title 24

Quantity discounts apply to the total of the item quantities of all standard signs of a single order. A sign set consisting of more than one sign is considered one item when calculating quantity discounts.

Attached with double sided tape

Color options:

Use these on light walls                                     Use these on dark walls
– Blue base with White design                           – White base with Blue design
– Black base with White design                         – White base with Black design
– Brown base with White design                        – White base with Brown design
– Grey base with White design                          – White base with Grey design

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Blue on White, Black on White, Brown on white, Grey on white, White on Blue, White on Black, White on brown, White on Grey