SF Preferred! Women CA Title 24 Door – San Francisco/DSA Compliant



Women single gender door sign. If you are in San Francisco City/County this is what you need! And it meets CA Title 24.




SF CA ADA door sign for a Women only restroom. This sign meets the special CA DSA and the San Francisco City/County compliance requirements (as well as the codes of all other California municipalities) for the Title 24 single gender restroom. Note: this sign is only for a restroom that meets the requirements for a single gender restroom. Caution – San Francisco codes are explicit for these signs while other municipalities in California tend to be somewhat flexible in their code interpretation. So, signs that meet San Francisco code are compliant everywhere in California but the reverse is not necessarily true. The City has issued cautions to businesses needing compliant signage that many online and hardware stores are offering signs compliant with Title 24 but are still not compliant with the City/County code. Those businesses usually have a disclaimer that you need to “check with your local inspector first”.

Made with weather resistant indoor/outdoor premium 1/4″ thick AcryliantTM non-glare acrylic. The 12″ circle is 1/4″ thick with the required rounded edges, corners and contrasting colors. This Women Title 24 Geometric sign meets CA Title 24 requirements.

AcryliantTM is an acrylic sheet material specially made to meet ADA signage requirements including color and non-glare.

Since California requires both the geometric door sign and the wall sign, you might consider our MATCHING CA DOOR/WALL SET: WOMEN & SAN FRANCISCO/DSA COMPLIANT that includes the required wall sign. 

Quantity discounts apply to the total of the item quantities of all standard signs of a single order. A sign set consisting of more than one sign is considered one item when calculating quantity discounts.

Color options:
– White  – use this on dark walls
– Blue  – use this on light walls
– Black  – use this on light walls
– Brown  – use this on light walls
– Grey – use this on light or dark walls

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Blue, Black, Brown, Grey, White


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